Lisbon – a travel guide

Let’s start with the most important thing: this is not a travel guide. Regard this book as your personal companion on a trip to Europe’s sunniest capital. Imagine it like your best mate who keeps you entertained, watches out for you and, of course, challenges you. At least sometimes. 

You may ask yourself right now why this shouldn’t be a travel guide. That’s easy to explain: there are just too many of them out there!
You won’t find anything in here that every other guide tells you to do in Lisbon because that’s simply boring.
If you want to hear more about Torre de Belém or Castelo de São Jorge, you can go look for it elsewhere. But, if you want to know what else can be found in this wonderful city of seven hills far beyond the end of any touristy path, then be advised to keep this book on hand.