Documents – Thoughts and Stories about Travelling

Graphic designers translate ideas, information and thoughts into a visual language. Working as a link between clients and consumers not only requires to perform on a high social and communicative level but also to score with ingenuity, creative solutions and innovative thoughts. Designers work in a wide range of areas. Often they are not aware of this diversity, sometimes they are overwhelmed by this fact or on some days creativity will just not flow. 

This book is part of my Master’s Thesis and deals with the best way to spend your free time: traveling. It shows how traveling affects the mind and the psyche of people. Especially in creative industries, one can avail oneself of these impacts. Traveling educates extensively - and sometimes impalpably. It’s not only a time-out but also nourishment for the mind and it helps to act clear-sightedly and more openly in one’s own way of working.